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Solid wood plank Pure Nordic PINE - natural

Solid wood plank Pure Nordic PINE - natural

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pine is the classic in the Pure Nordic living style. The Scandinavians got the hang of it. They prepare themselves for the long and dark winters cozy home and their style of living is considered stylish, simple and honest . And everyone can bring this cozy style to their home and interpret it for themselves.

As an integral part and close connection to nature applies to the wooden floor - and here the real - the solid wood floorboard. These not only keep your feet warm, they also give the room a homely ambience.

The natural pine from the collection Pure Nordic shows Character.

As a softwood, pine has a completely different character than the hardwoods in this collection. Like us humans - everyone has their own style and peculiarities.

Rough Look - The rustic pine shines with its distinctive structure and the typical wing knots and can be combined with loving details to create a cozy and homely atmosphere.

This floor is oiled with natural oils and is ready to live in .

If you want to feel comfortable in your own four walls, then put the solid floorboards Pure Nordic Pine - natural in your shopping cart now!

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