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Solid wood plank Pure Nordic ASH - natural

Solid wood plank Pure Nordic ASH - natural

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with solid wood floorboards from our Pure Nordic Collection - like the Pure Nordic ash - natural.

Pure Nordic is cozy, personable and natural. In Scandinavia, this basic attitude towards comfort is called hygge, which means, among other things, "joy in the presence of calming things". Here we know that everything natural is calming.

So it's no wonder that solid wood floorboards from the Weiss PURE NORDIC Collection stand for exactly this attitude to life.

Bright and with a lot of character - this is how the ash tree brings itself into your home.

Ash has a reputation for being hard-wearing and robust – properties that make the wood ideal for use as floorboards.

Ash wood is one of the most popular domestic types of wood. It is considered a noble hardwood and impresses with its attractive appearance. Danger! Ash Rustic is super lively and quite a whirlwind of colors and unique structure.
This floor is as unique as you are.

This floor is oiled with natural oils ready for use .

If you want to feel good in your own four walls, then put the solid floorboards Pure Nordic Ash - natural in your shopping cart now!

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