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Solid wood plank Alpine Style LARCH - natural

Solid wood plank Alpine Style LARCH - natural

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Our Alpine Style Larch keeps it lively and rustic . The larch brings you the alpine character live in your home. The striking branches, the play of colors and the typical grain let you smell the fresh larch needles or guess the red-brown and warm color of the larches in autumn. Live like in a larch forest.

This larch floor is practical and universally applicable and brings cosiness and warmth.

And let's be honest. Due to its rustic appearance and the durability of the oak, it is also easy to care for and hard-wearing and it forgives some traces of living/children/pets,....

You can choose here:
- brushed or preferably sanded smooth

This floor is oiled with natural oils ready for use .

If you want to feel good in your own four walls, then put the Alpine Style Larch - natural solid floorboards in your shopping cart now!

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