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Solid wood plank Alpine Style OAK Kingsize - natural

Solid wood plank Alpine Style OAK Kingsize - natural

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Our Alpine Style Oak and Kingsize planks keep it lively and rustic.

These solid wood planks have a unique character and give every room a special touch . The wide king-size planks allow more room to accentuate the natural grain and color of the wood, resulting in a pleasing look .

AND our Alpine Style Oak provides a feeling of comfort and warmth . Wider planks can amplify this feeling as they allow more room to spread out and relax.

An investment in solid wood floorboards can increase the value of a property. The use of wider planks can enhance this effect even further, as they make the room appear visually high quality and convey a feeling of luxury .

And let's be honest. Due to its rustic appearance and the durability of the oak, it is also easy to care for and hard-wearing and it forgives some traces of living/children/pets,....

This floor is oiled with natural oils ready for use .

If you want to feel comfortable in your own four walls, then put the Alpine Style Oak Kingsize - natural solid floorboards in your shopping cart now!

Please note - this floor is not approved for laying on underfloor heating.

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